X3: Reunion

Description : X3: Reunion is a single-player space trading and combat game developed by Egosoft and published by Deep Silver.The main quest can be postponed or ignored as the player explores the expansive universe and spends the most time in control of a ship, doing tasks of their own choosing. Different ships are available for various tasks: small, fast scouting ships; freighters; powerful battleships; and massive carriers for moving a fleet. Most ships seen in the game can be bought or captured, and flown by the player.

The player is free to go anywhere in the X-Universe at any time and explore, complete plot-related goals or to fulfil their own personal goals.By X3, the X-Universe consists of around 160 sectors connected by two-way jumpgates. The main area of each sector typically contains several stations and up to four gates. The game is open-ended, allowing the player to go where they like, when they like, doing whatever they like; a player is limited only by their in-game status and resources. As such, a driving force of the game is to acquire credits,and status.Using credits, a player can buy wares from stations. These wares may be used, or flown to another station where they can be sold, ideally for a profit.

As players builds profit they can buy equipment, weapons, ships, and even their own factories.Factory stations consume power and resources to produce products, which can then be sold into the X economy. If the product is rare, and the resources are cheap and plentiful, the factory can make profit. If not, it is possible to lose money. By filling a gap in the economy, a player can make solid and consistent profit through a factory.

  • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP or Greater
  • Pentium 4 1.7GHz Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
  • 2GB Hard Disk Space
  • 128MB DirectX compatible 3D Video Card with Pixel Shader 1.3 Support
  • DirectX 9
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