Super Mario Forever 4

Description : Mario Forever is an excellent Flash re-edition of the classic Super Mario Bros games. It is a computer entertainment which has many levels, all of them full of dangers and scares. You surely will not be able to get away from the screen. New powerful graphics algoritms, Smoother graphics and scrolling.
The story of Mario Forever is similar to the previous one: “Bowser” is anxious to take revenge. This time he has destroyed half of the Mushroom Kingdom, has kidnapped the Princess and it has left only desolation along his way.

In the series, characters from other worlds can gain access to Mario's world and vice versa.
Therefore this can create many problems for the heroes of the series. The fabled hero of the Mushroom Kingdom alongside his brother Luigi constantly thwart Bowsers schemes to take over the kingdom, in the series Mario gains Immortality and is cyberneticly altered into Chrome.

System Requirements -
  • Processor= 500MHz
  • RAM= 64MB
  • Graphics= 16MB
  • Window xp/me/7/8/Vista
While Extracting if it asks for Password for you then the Password is -
                Password :

                                               Download Super Mario Forever 4